Walton Primo RM2 Custom ROM – Hyperoid OS

Walton Primo RM2 Custom Rom – Hyperoid OS

Hyperoid OS is another cool custom rom based on Cyanogen MOD for Walton Primo RM2. With a lot of cool features Hyperoid OS Custom ROM gives the users mind a great comfort. The rom is based on Cyanogen MOD and the operating system is Lollipop 5.1.1.


Walton Primo RM2 Custom ROM – Hyperoid OS

Walton Primo RM2 Custom ROM - Hyperoid OS
Walton Primo RM2 Custom ROM – Hyperoid OS


ROM Description

ROM Name: Hyperoid OS

ROM Version: 1

ROM OS: Lollipop

OS Version: 5.1.1


ROM Kernel: 3.10.54

ROM Status:  Stable

ROM Size: 397 MB

ROM  Language: English/ Multi language supported


ROM Features

  • All cyanogen apps up to date
  • Included stable GAPPS (update it manually)
  • Cyanogen Account, ThemeStore, ThemeChooser with per-app themeing
  • ES File Manager Pro
  • Smart Wake
  • Smart Cover
  • SuperSU
  • Kernel Auditor
  • Root Explorer
  • JetAudio Plus
  • AOSP Keyboard
  • MLUSBMounter
  • MX Player
  • NEW Calendar & Email BY BOXER
  • Activated ClearMotion, BRAVIA v4 and X-Reality Engine v4,
  • Spelled trouble-free codecs to view FullHD streaming video
  • Braries
  • Floating Windows
  • Ambient Display
  • Statusbar Customizations
  • Clock Alignment
  • Battery Settings
  • Charging animations
  • Battery full customization (circle/landscape/Potrait and more)
  • Battery colours
  • Battery bar
  • Statusbar greeting
  • Network Traffic
  • Breathing Notifications
  • Quick Settings Management
  • DPI Settings
  • Live Display
  • Smart cover
  • Smart wake
  • Lockscreen weather
  • Lockscreen colours
  • Middle and bottom shortcuts
  • Button Settings
  • Navigationbar customization
  • Slim PIE
  • Header Machine
  • Cache auto cleaner
  • Dynamic Ststus Bar
  • Freeze apps
  • Navigation bar with switches
  • Navigation bar Animations & Buttons
  • Navigation bar Tinted
  • Gesture Anywhere
  • Navigation ring Targets
  • Animation Controls
  • Slim Recents
  • Omni Switch
  • Recents RAM Bar
  • HeadsUP Settings
  • Trebuchet 6.0.1
  • Remove Checking Signature Applications Completely
  • Autostart Apps
  • App circle sidebar
  • Apps sidebar
  • SuperUser Indicator Switch
  • Toast Animations
  • ListView Animations
  • System Animations
  • Expanded Desktop Mode
  • Add many Tiles
  • Enable 2/3/4 Tiles per Row
  • Fixed Youtube 720p
  • Fixed Green Lines In Facebook
  • Fixed VPN
  • Fixed Screen Record (software mode only)
  • Fixed live videos
  • Fixed Green Streamers in video and online TV
  • Bootanimation Oreo


Known Bug

  • No Bug


ROM Screenshots



Rooting or flashing custom ROM’s results to the void of the warranty of the device. (We) RaphsonBD and its authors will not responsible for bricked devices or any damage which is incurred in the process of flashing custom ROM’s or rooting the device. We highly advice to take a backup of your device prior to performing the process. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM, before flashing it! You are choosing to make these modifications. Nevertheless if you need any help, just comments already. We will always pleased to help you.



You must need a Rooted android device and installed Custom recovery to use a Custom ROM 


ROM Download

Walton Primo RM2 Custom ROM – Hyperoid OS Download for Free


How to install Custom ROM in Walton Primo RM2

  1. At first Download the ROM and copy the Hyperoid OS.zip  file in SD-card.
  2. It’s wise to backup your Current ROM, no matter how confident or experienced you are. So anything happen unpleasant you can retrieve back your old ROM
  3. If you don’t know how to backup ROM using Custom Recovery then Click Here
  4. Then Go to phone’s custom recovery mode. Almost Every phone by pressing Power button + Volume up button all together you can access your phone recovery options. If you don’t know how to go your specific device’s recovery option, just search on google. Here an example: “recovery mode symphony”
  5. After successfully entering the Custom Recovery Option (CWM/TWRP) first & foremost take a backup up of your current ROM. Select “Backup” 》Select storage 》 backup process may take 5/7 minutes.
  6. Than Wipe DataWipe Cache Partition, Wipe Dalvic Cache (You shall find it in Advanced option).
    After formatting Cache go to Mount and StorageFormat Data, Format System.
  7. Than come back to main menu of CWM/TWRP whichever Custom recovery you’re using.
  8. Just Click install the Hyperoid OS.zip  from SDCARD.
  9.  Then Reboot. First boot may take upto 5-10 min.
  10. Voila and enjoy the test of Walton Primo RM2 Custom ROM – Hyperoid OS.



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  1. Walton Primo RM2
    Build version: V.05
    Vaia ame hyperoid os rom ta use korche..
    Rom e kono bug nai r stable r launcher and other optimization o onek sundor
    But ame 5 option priblem
    1.smart awake:Smart awake on korar pore reboot deyece trpore dpublw tap to awake on koreche.but eta kaj korcena..
    2.Notification asle lockscreen e light on hoccena..
    3.Google er apps temon nai..ame install koreche google play store theke.
    4.google keyboard ta valo apne jeta deyecen ota beshi boro hoye geyece.
    5.camera resoulation srock theke kom.. vaia jode kindly deke janaten..

    1. @Mahafuzur Rahman
      Solution Of your Problem:

      1. Smart Awake may not work properly. This feature only works perfectly on the stock rom. No other custom rom didn’t perform this feature perfectly. I would recommend you to flash the custom rom again.

      2. Lockscreen Notification Light On can be activated in the Lockscreen Setting. You can find the setting on your Lockscreen setting, Or you can use Gravity box to activate the setting.

      3. Although GAPPS are pre installed in the Rom, you can still have the GAPPS in http://opengapps.org. Select 5.1 pico package. Download it and flash it. But their must be a problem with your Custom Rom Installations.

      4. Keyboard heights and width can be change in the Keyboard setting. Go to Setting>Language and Input>Select Google Keyboard and find Keyboard height and Width, change it as your desire.

      5. Camera Resolution is the actual resolution of HyperOid Os. It can not be changed. But you can use various Camera App to modify the quality of your Camera.

  2. Thank u very much vaiya..apnar port kora sob rom theke amar ei ta sob cheye best lagce ar ame ty etar option gula try korce kicue problem pele apnake janabo…
    R kicue chilo vaia…
    1.Storage ta sob amar sd card bade onno kono partione jacce..ame amar sd card e brows korle pacce..ekhane jehetu ES file explorer use korechen.ty okhane gele sey partion deka jacce ja rom e jacce ekon eta sd card anar option ta paccena..er kono solution ase vaiya?amar etate beshi problem hocce.emon solution den jate sob sd card e joma hobe..
    2.gravity box dete gele xposed install dete hobe.r ame er age ekbar ei rom flash korar por xposed install korcelam amar phone ta brick korcelo..ty voi pacce..
    3.Email er jonno boxer name je apps ota update dewar age cholcelo..but update dewar por bolce xposed module active korte hobe..
    4.Account theke cyanoge e account signup kora jai na bole network error but netowrk ase ame wifi deye try korce..eke..
    Vaia please amar solution deyen..ame user ekdom new ei custom rom er world ..ar apnake thanks Amader desher set er development neye kaj korer ..jonno..
    Answer er opekkai thaklam vaiya..

    1. Solution –

      1. Xposed Framework install kore “Xposed modules – XInternalSD” use kre dekhte paren… 🙂

      2. Xposed install korle Brick hbe na.. Apni Correct SDK file flash krsilen to? r SDK file Flash korar por ekbar Wipe Cache r Wipe Cache Partition den.. Asha kori soft brick hbe na.

      3. 2. no aa jevabe bolsi ovabe kore dekhen.. Kaj krbe.

      4. CyanogenMOD officially Walton er jnno ROM banay na.. ei rom ta CyanogenMOD er custom -unofficial build.. Ty kaj krche na

  3. Thank you..
    1.xposed to recovery deye flash korte hobe..amar original android version 5.0 r ei rom e 5.1..ekon ame kontar flash file download debo.vaya..jode kono link thake janaben…vai na xda.er website theke 5.0 er xposed installer and flash download korbo naki new kono version update korte hobe.

    1. Well, Navigation Bar er vibrate maybe RM2 er Custom Rom e korena. Ami currently LP Plus v2.2 use korchi. Amaro navigation e vibrate korchena. Only home button e chepe rakhle vibrate korche.

      Data connection e problem korar kotha nah. kirokom problem ektu elaborately bolen.

  4. Vai gallary te SD card ar kisu show korche na.please solution den. Apnar ai ROM ta osadharon.Please vai solution den.

  5. Vai….amar phone v6….
    Flight mode on korle ar network Ashe na….abar restart deowa lage…kono solution ashe vai… Apnar rom eita shei….ekta solution den vai plzz….

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