How To Unlock of Samsung Galaxy J7 [J700] [J710]

How To Unlock of Samsung Galaxy J7 [J700] [J710]

This method will work on both old (J700) as well as new 2016 (J710) Samsung Galaxy J7 models. There are numerous reasons to unlock Bootloader Samsung Galaxy J7. For example, you might want to try a custom ROM or want to root Samsung Galaxy J7. Whatever your reason to unlock the phone, this tutorial will help you get it done within a minute.


How To Unlock of Samsung Galaxy J7 [J700] [J710]

How To Unlock of Samsung Galaxy J7 [J700] [J710]

Bootloader Unlocking Method



  • Unlocking bootloader will void your safety warranty.
  • Take a full backup of your phone and storage.
  • Keep your phone’s charge upto 60%
  • Use original USB cable for the process.
  • You’ll need a reliable Internet Connection for this process.
  • After unlocking bootloader you will be no longer receiving OTA updates.
  • and it’s author will not responsible if you end up bricking your device.


Downloads & Requirements

At first Download the adb driver from download link bellow.


Unlock Bootloader Samsung Galaxy J7

This is an easy-to-follow tutorial. However, it doesn’t mean you have to ignore the risks associated with unlocking your phone. It will be exposed to hackers and security risks will prevail. Don’t proceed unless you understand what you’re doing.

Here is the easiest method to unlock bootloader Samsung Galaxy J7. To unlock Samsung Galaxy J7, You need to start by installing ADT tools with all the packages. You will then download Modaco Superboot and unlock Bootloader Samsung Galaxy J7. The process looks simple but be sure you follow steps exactly as instructed.


Instruction Process

Step – 1 :  Setup ADT

You will need to download and install ADT before you proceed with this method. You can download it using the link below.

Be sure to download it with all packages. Once downloaded, configure the ADT. You will follow simple instructions to configure it on the official Android Developer website [].


Step – 2 : Download Modaco Superboot

After you have ADT setup successfully, you need to download Modaco Superboot. This software will help you unlock your phone.

Extract the zip file that you downloaded from the above link somewhere on your hard drive. Now go to the folder where you extracted the zip file and follow instructions in the next step.


Step – 3 : Setup your phone

Now it’s time to setup your phone so that you can connect it with PC and proceed with the next step.

  • Go to Settings on your phone. Look for Developer Options. Turn on USB debugging from there. It should be easy to find once you have enabled developer options.
  • Now connect your phone with your PC using a standard USB cable.


Step – 4 : Run command prompt and unlock Bootloader Samsung Galaxy J7

So far so easy. Everything is going to remain this easy as long as you follow instructions. That’s how it’s going to be till the very end. Follow these simple instructions to complete the final step of this method to unlock bootloader Samsung Galaxy J7.

  • Open command prompt by right clicking in empty space inside the Modaco Superboot folder.
  • Once you have the command prompt opened, enter the commands shown in the end and hit enter as you reach end of each line.
  • Once you reach the last line, your device screen will flicker a few times and it will display a toast message asking you if you’re sure. Click Yes and your device will be unlocked.

Commands to enter – Make sure you hit enter after each line Note: Enter all commands without quotation marks.

Line 1:

adb-windows reboot bootloader

Line 2:

fastboot-windows oem unlock

After you enter the first command and hit Enter, your phone will restart. Wait for it to restart before you enter the second command.



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