How to Unlock AT&T iPhone Two methods


Unlock AT&T iPhone Two methods

 How to Unlock AT&T iPhone Two

SIM Unsupported?

Popular Apple iPhone that is bought through a carrier or reseller and comes with a 2-year contract is locked to one network. For example, if you buy iPhone from AT&T American network your device will get signal only through AT&T SIM card. If you try to insert Verizon, Sprint, O2, Vodafone or any other SIM there will be no signal because the phone is locked to AT&T and accepts its SIMs only.

AT&T iPhone unlock service is designed to free users from their original carrier. It becomes useful when you wish to switch carriers or need to travel abroad where you don’t want to pay for roaming. Software AT&T iPhone unlock is an old method that was the only way to become unlocked a couple of years ago. It required jailbreaking and people were not very eager to use it. Besides, Apple “killed” the exploit that allowed unlocking through software install, so nowadays software iPhone unlock is not even possible.

Now it has become much safer and easier to become SIM free. There are many ways how you can achieve this goal: carrier unlock, factory and hardware AT&T iPhone unlock services. We’ll mention two most popular official and reliable methods of how to unlock AT&T iPhone 5, 5S, 5c, 4S, 4 or other model.


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Method 1

How to Unlock AT&T iPhone Two

iPhone Unlock Request Form AT&T Carrier
This form of unlock requires you contact your mobile operator [AT&T] and find out whether you are eligible for direct unlock. Most carriers agree to unlock handsets purchased from them only after the 2 year contract expires. Users must meet particular requirements in order to successfully use this method. Here is how it works.

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Step 1: Call AT&T carrier and learn more about its unlock policy and requirements. Most companies are eager to unlock your iPhone for free but only after its contract has ended. If you are still on contract, your mobile operator might offer you paying early termination fee in order to become unlocked.

Step 2:  Call the mobile operator you wish to switch to and ask if they can unlock your iPhone and lock it to their network. You have to make sure your model is compatible with the network you want to use. Some carriers support GSM phone and other work with CDMA versions only. Keep this in mind.

Step 3: If you are eligible to be unlocked by AT&T carrier, request the unlock and wait till you are fully unlocked by AT&T network.


How to Unlock AT&T iPhone Two



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Method 2 : using remote IMEI Unlock Service

How to Unlock AT&T iPhone Two
Requesting Official iPhone Unlock
iPhone factory unlock service and hardware unlocks are the second way to become free from your carrier. All these services are paid but they are affordable and support both contract and out of contract AT&T iPhone 5S, 5c, 5, 4S, 4 and other versions.

A big number of companies can unlock your AT&T device distantly. This is legal in the U.S. now so you won’t have any problems with with ordering unlock for iPhone by IMEI number or through SIM unlocking tool.


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Step 1. Before you can unlock, you are highly advised to research different companies. You can read reviews from other customers, find out whether your iOS firmware version, iPhone model, carrier and country are supported.

Step 2. It is possible to unlock via R-SIM and similar methods, but they don’t support all firmwares and iPhone models. You can also unlock through IMEI factory unlock which works on all iOS versions [including iOS 8], all iPhone models [including the iPhone 6] and all networks.

Step 3. Users who decide to unlock iPhone by IMEI code have to provide this code in the first place. IMEI is the unique identity number of your cell phone. It can be looked up in your Settings app or once you dial *#06# on your device. Users who have iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS or 3G can find their IMEI on the SIM card tray [it is printed there] and users with the iPhone 5 can see this code on their phone back. You can also find this identity number through iTunes on your computer when you connect the handset to your PC or Mac and select Summary option in iTunes.

Step 4. Before you unlock, you can also run iPhone network checker to be sure you know your original carrier, country, activation and blacklist status. This information is very useful for successful unlock because factory IMEI unlocking service works with activated smartphones only.


Step 5. Once you got all the details about your smartphone you can order unlock online by filling in the information about your iDevice: iPhone model, carrier and country you are locked to, IMEI code and email. Re-check all the information a couple of times to be sure you didn’t mistake as this can influence your unlock. Have you checked everything at least twice? You can now click on Buy Now option.

Step 6. Pay for the unlock through PayPal or with your credit card and wait till the company completes your request and emails you the details how to finish the procedure through iTunes. You are highly advised to backup your iPhone before you complete the unlocking.

Step 7. Use iTunes which activates your new permanently unlocked status after you insert an unsupported SIM [ for example, if you unlocked iPhone from AT&T you have to insert T-Mobile or any other carrier’s SIM to activate your unlock]. Users with a jailbroken iPhone have to go to Settings – General – Reset Network Settings menu, restart their device and activate it through iTunes or via Wi-Fi. Note that if this doesn’t help you need to restore your iPhone to the most recent version of iOS firmware in order to activate it, but this removes jailbreak from the gadget. Once you have restored your handset you need to Set iPhone as a new phone through iTunes program.Factory unlock is provided distantly. Unlock other phones unlocking, there is no need to add any codes to AT&T iPhone. The unlock is permanent so if you are unlocked once through IMEI unlock, this iPhone model will remain unlocked forever no matter what you are doing. You can find out more details about the service at


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