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How to Secure Android Smartphone:

Smartphones are now become a major Part and Parcel of our daily life. We May forget to take our wallet with bus but we never forget our phone or left it it home. We do it because we need a smartphHow to Secure Android Smartphone to connect with other, to call someone or read some important messege and do various thing. Sometimes we sell our used phone in OLX, Bikroy.Com etc website. But I’ve seen some users don’t actually flash or remove any personal data while selling. But we should do a flash format because hand over the phone to other.

How to Secure Android Smartphone

Secure Android Smartphone
Secure Android Smartphone Today


Most of us thing, “Android Factory Reset” remove everything. Then I Should Tell You. Oh! Brother. You are completely wrong!!!!
Because recently some researcher discovered “Android Factory Reset” does not actually remove all data. I personally research lot’s about this. Finally I figured it out it’s true indeed, Factory reset actually can not remove all of your personal data which was not encrypted. Few weeks ago, I brought a second hand Samsung Galaxy J7 from Bikroy.Com, after bringing the phone at first I did the Factory reset, but after hearing the news “some researcher discovered “Android Factory Reset” does not actually remove all data” I tried one h*cking which I have found on onionWEB, I was just shocked!!!

All of his contact number I can see.
So why that is happed?
Is this their bug?
Or is this some miscalculation?
Or I didn’t actually done the hard rest?
Answer is simple, previous user of Samsung Galaxy J7 never encrypted his mobile data. It’s not Android OS fault neither mine.
Contact number are really some private data of a individual. Besides contact number, there must be some leakage about Phone Data file. I am not a professional hacker so i didn’t know how to hack android complete to gain it’s data. All I understand that “android hard rest/Factory reset doesn’t remove all of our personal data” somewhere in memory chio those still remain.


Did You need to Secure Android Smartphone?

Obviously YES! Who wants to spread out his personal information to public while you are selling your phone to someone You never known? So secure Your Android Smartphone before hand over.


So what should we do to make our phone Safer and Secure?

Secure Android Smartphone: You must be thinking Securing smartphones completely must be something like American FBI Prison, it’s must be costly and super complicated.

Then I Should announced, bro just chill. It’s nothing so complicated. Here is the process how to secure your your phone.

Yes, it’s true, every installed can read your personal information like call log, contact number, Sms mms, file, gallery, image and everything. Google Never assure it’s user about Security like iOS, Windowsphone and Blackberry does. Although most of the Android apps developer are trusted even by Google whome Google called top developer. You can see top developer badges while downloading from play store.
Do not download application random from play store. Telling you this only means using third party application as less as you can.


Data Encryption

Do data encryption before hard resetting. You may see couple of time Security options in your phone Android setting but never used it cause you didn’t know about it. It is the only Encryption Security the Android have.

How to Secure Android Smartphone
Data Encryption

Goto settings > Security > Encryp Phone
please make sure Your phone at least charge minimum cause encryption is a long process, then press encrypt phone. It may take uo to 1hour depending you total data size. It is wise to encrypt your phone before selling. Please be sure you Done the data Encryption before Reseting


Hard Reset

Do a hard reset before selling your Phone.
How to hard reset?
There are several ways to hard reset or Factory Reset your phone.

  • Step 1 – It is the most easy way to reset your device. Go to settings > Back up & Reset > select reset> it may take couple of minutes to rest
How to Factory Reset any android

Factory settings

  • Step 2 – Second step is hard reset using Recovery( or custom recovery like CWM/TWRM/Philz Touch). Turn off your phone > press volume down + home + power button(basically most of the device) If you are using a phone like Sony Xperia which navigation bar is in the screen. Than Press Volume down key + Volume down key + power button all together. After appearing the Recovery mode> go to rest. then simply do a rest.

(People also read: How to Back Up and Restore Your Android Phone with TWRP (Nandroid backup of your Android phone


Data Overwrite

Hard resetting and Data encryption Secure maximum. If you wants to be more sure about Security, then you can do a data over write. It’s actually a sneaky trick. You can never find it anywhere.
After Encryption & Resetting your phone. Turn you smartphones again. Go through the setups wizard as it appears after resetting Android. Do not sign in with email. Just Skip every process. Then store as much as unnecessary file in your phone memory you can. If you device storage full, then you shall delete all file.
Why do this? Simple man! So that the person you are selling your phone can never get a hand on your personal data. Ask me why to do this? You may heard about data recovery process!!!! Think thinks!!!! Even after deletion how come all the deleted file can be found? So do this and be 100 percent sure after selling your phone in your personal data are safe and sound.


Be smart | Be Safe | Be Secure
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