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Play Pokemon Go Without Moving (NO-ROOT)

Play Pokemon Go Without Moving (NO-ROOT)

No mobile games ever but Pokemon Go made such an impact on everyone, As Pokemon Go continue its huge surge of international popularity. But there have always been a racism.  😛 just kidding…Although Pokemon Go don’t support worldwide. But Niantic are continuously trying to reach their support as many countries as possible. Couple of weeks ago I shared a post of Playing Pokemon-Go without Leaving Your House & Moving an Inch. But that method required ‘Root Access’, Although there are several reasons to root your Android, and You can Root Your Phone With Just One Click but some people find rooting Android is risk. So our developer made it little bit easier for them. YES! YOU CAN PLAY THE MOST POPULAR OF ALL TIME “POKEMON-GO WITHOUT LEAVING HOUSE  ( NO ROOT ACCESS REQUIRED )


Play Pokemon Go Without Moving (NO-ROOT)

Play Pokemon Go Without Moving (NO-ROOT)
Play Pokemon Go Without Moving (NO-ROOT)


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This method does not require any Root access Or Xposed Framework not even any kind of Custom recovery. This method does work on any Android device. If you follow each steps correctly, you’ll get Pokemon GO Android hack with Joystick (Arrow keys) to move along with location spoofing which means you can play Pokemon GO from any location in the world. Entire method is really simple to follow. Let’s just jump into the guide. Don’t forget for a moment that Pokemon Go Hack( Rooted-Method) has much more features & advantages over non-rooted Hack. This Guide is for devices running Android Marshmallow & above. If you are using Jellybean/Kitkat/Lollipop, you can refer new Pokemon GO hack for Jellybean & above. There’s a slightest chance of getting banned by Niantic by this method. But did tried it several times, I didn’t get banned 🙂 .


Downloads and Requirements

At first download all the files from download links bellow.



Play Pokemon Go Without Moving (NO-ROOT) Configuration:

First and foremost Download and install both Pokemon Go & Fake GPS from link above. After that You have to enable your device Developer Mode, if your device developer mode is already unlocked, then you can skip this step. If yours one is not unlocked yet, just Go to Settings App > About Phone > Tap on build number 5/6 times to activate Developer options in your device.


Play Pokemon Go Without Moving (NO-ROOT)
Tap on build number 5/6 times to activate Developer options in your device


Then Go back to Settings > Developer options. Locate “Select mock location app” & select Fly GPS (


Play Pokemon Go Without Moving (NO-ROOT)
Select Fly GPS (

Select Mock location App – Pokemon GO Hack

Again go to phone settings > GPS & Location > set GPS mode to ‘High accuracy‘ (Use GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth or mobile data)

Play Pokemon Go Without Moving (NO-ROOT)
Choose “High Accuracy”


Now launch Fake GPS (Fly-GPS) app & locate any location you wish to go. I prefer New York. Click on  your desired location, search & hit “Please select the menu”.


After that tap on “GPS Service Run” which will open up another menu. Tap on “Joystick location mode [Pokemon]”.


That’s it! Now launch Pokemon GO Game

Play Pokemon Go Without Moving (NO-ROOT)

You’ll see a Joystick to move around.

Pokemon GO Joystick for Non rooted Android device

You can level up easily & faster with fly gps. If Niantic didn’t provide support in your country yet. This method is very effective. Those who does not want to root/can not root because of boot-looader locked. They can try this method

this trick could be very beneficial & easy to use.  Don’t forget, rooted hack has much more features & advantages over non-rooted Hack. But don’t worry! The app developer may come up with lot more features in Non-rooted version too.



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