Most Samsung/Sony & HTC Android devices now can be rooted using
Towelroot, Kingroot
and other MTKbased chines Smartphone can be rooted using Framaroot. but
there limitation. You can’t root Nexus 4/7 or Galaxy S7 using Towelroot or
KingRoot.Check Out: WHY YOU SHOULD ROOT? (Complete Guide)

There are various Tool-kits for rooting. With just couple of clicks, you can Unlock Boot-loader and Root your device.
  • Root Tool-kits For Google Nexus
One Click Root Toolkit (Root Almost Any Android Device)

This tool-kits usually works on all Google Nexus devices. However, if you want Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S or One, Most of the XDA developer recommended to KingoApp.

 KingoApp way more easier to use. further instruction bellow:

  • WugFresh 

Installation Process:

Download WugFresh and install it using Administration.It will ask for Nexus device and it’s Android Version, during the installation process, You can check your devices current version in Settings > About phone > Android version.
If you have any idea about what it asking, then simply just select the last “Any Build” option. Now, you get instructions to turn on USB debugging on your device.
Wugfrsh basically asks you to download a newer version of SuperSU, modified boot image or TWRP Recovery, simply proceed with OK. These files are needed to root your device. Once all downloads are finished you should see the same window as in the image above.

After that Click on “Full Driver Installation Guide – Automatic + Manual” and follow the instructions to install the necessary drivers.

Final Process: Root

I recommend that you backup all important files because one part of the rooting process (unlocking the boot-loader) will wipe your device before you continue the rooting process,There are slightest chance of bricking your device if you’re doing it first time. WugFresh will also offers a backup menu.

Once Back up complete, Just click on Boot-Load & follow further instruction. If your boot-loader is already unlocked, skip this step. Just so you know, if it’s your first time rooting your device, you can assume that it’s locked.

Now it’s time to root your phone. Check “Custom Recovery” under “And also flash:” and then click the Root button to get the rooting instructions.

Once the rooting process is finished,

You’re done. Device is now rooted!

  • KingoApp
One Click Root Toolkit (Root Almost Any Android Device)

The KingoApp rooting toolkit is an very effective & easy to use. Its probably the best toolkit so far.
FOR Sony & HTC: You must need boot-loader unlocked device to proceed further with KingpApp.
Check out the link bellow:

KingoApp HTC Bootloader Unlock
KingoApp Sony Bootloader Unlock


  • Installation Process & USB debugging
First download the KingoApp root toolkit from their website then install it.After that turn on USB Debugging on your device. For android 4.4+ go to Setting>about phone> press on build number 5 time at least.Root process through KingoApp is just a piece of cake.Before you proceed further, make sure to have a backup of all your important data. The next step will wipe your device.
then Connect your device with your computer and wait until KingoApp recognizes it.Just Click the Root button. Just wait for the rooting process to finish and your good to go.VoilaIf You just rooted your device.

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