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Android Apps

Mobile Security App for Android and 2016 of the Best Anti-Virus Apps of 2016

Grab the best mobile anti-virus of 2016 and keep virus-free Android Smartphone all the time.

Sometimes Android Mobile hangs/lag in affect of Virus, Delete files left. So we need to use real time anti-virus app. Today I’ll share Top 8 atest anti-virus with you!! Avast antivirus my favorite anti-virus software! there are sevarel raason behind, why Avast Antivirus is my favorite!

Carefull About Anti-virus, cause the are one of battery draining apps

  • Protection: A very effective anti-virus software. Phone, which is free from viruses.


  • Performance: Save your mobile’s battery Charge , use of the Internet record where All of mobile Data is stored.
Mobile Security App for Android and 2016 of the Best Anti-Virus Apps of 2016
  • Anti-Theft: You can Activate the Anti-Theft feature, which will E-mail you, if your device has been stolen or lost .You can aslo track your device location from AVAST Anti-Theft website. Without it, a variety of mobile data to your mobile phone While you will be notified by mail of who who will try to unlock the password wrong more than 3 times the thief took photos with the cell’s font Camera will mail to you! What a nice thing, is not it !?


  • App Backup & App Lock: You do not have to use additional App Backup App & App lock Software , if you are Using this antivirus App Backup App.
Mobile Security App for Android and 2016 of the Best Anti-Virus Apps of 2016


Download Link:

Including AVAST Antivirus App, more 8 antivirus for android smartohone’s Download link is given [link to download the Google Play do not be afraid! This link with a mobile app that can be downloaded to dissolve without any loading !!]


  1. 360 Security Lite 1.3.6 File Size: 7.57 MB (Download Link)
  2. Avast Antivirus & Security File Size: 12.49 MB (Download Link)
  3. Avira Antivirus Security (Download Link)
  4. AVG Tablet AntiVirus Security FREE APK File Size: 13.85 MB (Download Link)
  5. CM Security AppLock AntiVirus (Download Link)
  6. DU Antivirus APK File Size: 4.17 MB (Download Link)
  7. Eset Mobile Security & Antivirus (Download Link)
  8. Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite File Size: 2.37 MB (Download Link)



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