5 Way To Make Android Run Faster

Android is a open source Operating System. Android offers many benefits for both developers and end-users. Unlike with iOS apps, developers have more possibilities like persistent background services, event receivers and frequent alarm triggers. Android platform allow you to run apps smoothly on background. Apps are endless but your device Processing Capability,RAM ( Random Access Memory) is limited. Before 2016, Most of the Android comes with 1 GB of RAM &  dual core/Quad core processor with 1.0 GHz of clock speed. As the vast amounts of app are running in background, That’s why you find your device is slowing down.


5 Way To Make Android Run Faster

Make Your Android Run Faster
Make Your Android Run Faster



How to Make Android Run Faster

There are several method that you can Make Android Run Faster. Let’s see how


Increase Your Mobile RAM

RAM is an acronym for random access memory.If you buy a cheap phone, you will be get a low RAM mobile phone, which will lag/hang in every step of work.or you are a game freak,but can not play the latest games of android because of low RAM device.No tension, we are here with new trick. now You can easily Increase Your RAM. See This Post for instruction. By adding Extra RAM from SD,You can Make Android Run Faster


Disabling Unnecessary Apps

It’s really annoying when Mobile manufacturers pre-install many unnecessary apps on device which actually causing their device running slow. For example, we all know Samsung operate with Touch-Wiz. It’s a sub platform which allow to modify system & enhance its beauty & look. If you compare Samsung with SONY, you can find sony is bit faster then Samsung device.
Then tell me what is the reason?  It’s only because of Sony Use AOSP based Android, which doesn’t have extra features or unnecessary apps. That’s why many people use CUSTOM ROM with Samsung, Even I do Use.

Or if you wish to stay in Stock official ROM
You can disable unnecessary apps from settingapplication managerall apps

Make Your Android Run Faster
Go to Setting> application Manager> all apps
Make Your Android Run Faster
Choose an apps which one you prefer to disable

Or you can try app freezer, to freeze or disable unnecessary apps.

App Freezer Apk Free Download
Make Your Android Run Faster

By doing simple restriction, You able to Make Android Run Faster little bit.

If you had rooted your phone , You can make your device even faster. See our one click Rooting method. Find Out more benefits of rooting here
Just follow few step.

  1.  You can use apps freezer to uninstalling system boltware, It’s even better then disabling apps from apps manager, It will not only reduce pressure over CPU & RAM but also free some space of your ROM
  • System Apps remover
Download link

(If You are using Titanium Backup, you don’t need the apps system aps remover, you can uninstall system apps with Titanium backup, Download  $6.99 worth of Titanium Backup  Pro for free & see Installation Guide)


Using Greenify Along with Amplify

Amplify ia the best choice for handling wakelock or blocking service in Android, and greenify helps to put all apps in deep sleep. Greenify also have a GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) push notification service, if you enabled this GCM, You won’t miss any message/notifications from Facebook or Whatsapp. Even if you hibernated all apps, it’s also work as a battery saver. I have been using Android since 2011.
I am telling you from my experience,
Remove every other ram cleaner and batter saver. Just use Amplify with Greenify. I guarantee, You won’t be disappoint.

For using Greenify & Amplify, You must need Rooted device, greenify has a feature which works without root,but My recommendation is used greenify with Xposed framework. You can See One Click Root method to root your device. Almost 70% Android smartphones can be rooted with This method. There are huge benefits of rooting Android smartphones.
Then you will be needing Xposed Framework, Check out this post.

You can purchase Greenify (DONATION PACK $2.99) & Amplify pro($5.00) version from Google Play Store, Or Download For Free from our site with user manual:

  1. Greenify – Increase Your Mobile Battery Life & Performance
  2. Amplify Pro – Best Battery Saver

With amplify and Greenify you are not only Make Android Run Faster you also extending device battery, You won’t be needing  any other RAM cleaner/battery  saver.

[ BONUS TIPS:Use Android Assistant ( assistance for Android ) to clean up cache, unlike C cleaner/Cm cleaner, This app doesn’t eat much battery,CPU or RAM.just install the apps, go to Settings >turn on the auto cache & auto killing background apps, you can use it with greenify and amplify, just remember to white listing each apps while using other Performance, enhancing apps]



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