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HTC Desire EYE Kitkat Custom ROM – Sk(EYE)Dragon

HTC Desire EYE Kitkat Custom ROM – Sk(EYE)Dragon

Sky Dragon Rom is an improved stock rom version which is made for fast, smooth and best battery life. The ROM comes up with a 4.4.4 Kitkat operating system.


HTC Desire EYE Kitkat Custom ROM – Sk(EYE)Dragon

HTC Desire EYE Kitkat Custom ROM - Sk(EYE)Dragon
HTC Desire EYE Kitkat Custom ROM – Sk(EYE)Dragon



ROM Description

ROM Name: Sk(EYE)Dragon

ROM Version: 3.0

ROM OS: Kitkat

OS Version: 4.4.4

ROM Base:  Sense 7

ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x

ROM Status:  Stable

ROM Size: 1.5 GB

ROM Courtesy: XDA

ROM  Language: English/ Multi language supported


ROM Features

  • Using Firmware base 1.17.401.9 International
  • Made From Scratch
  • Unsecured Stock Kernel
  • Rooted with SuperSu powered by Chainfire
  • Deodexed – ART Still Works
  • Zipaligned
  • Debloated
  • Added Full Language System Support
  • Deleted HTC Spywares
  • V4A Sound Mod Credits To ViPER520 and zhuhang
  • Init.d Built-in and Tweaks Added
  • BusyBox Built-in
  • Many Build.prop Tweaks
  • Speed Optimizations
  • Battery Optimizations
  • Removed and/or disabled all Logging apps & Files
  • CarrierIQ Free!
  • External SD-Card write support
  • Rom Zipaligns on boot
  • Rom Optimizes SQLite Databases on boot
  • OpenVPN Built-in
  • Performance Mod By Jeeyko
  • SkyDragon Bootanimation
  • Native EQS
  • Mutilanguages
  • Few More
  • Aroma By HolyAngel!
  • Gps Fix
  • Exposed
  • Xposed Framework
  • Bootmanager
  • Gravity Box
  • Sense 6 Toolbox
  • XBlast Tools
  • XHalo Floating Window
  • Xuimod
  • YouTube AdAway
  • Android L Softkeys Theme
  • Dotview Mod
  • Battery %
  • Xtended Settings
  • System Mods
  • Mother Of All Ad-Blocking
  • No Extended Quick Settings
  • HTC Removal Apps
  • Widget Removal
  • GAPPS Removal
  • Other Apps Removal
  • Keyboards Selection
  • Fonts Selection
  • DPI Selection

Known Bug

  • No Major Bugs


ROM Screenshots



Rooting or flashing Custom Recovery/Custom ROM’s results to the void of the warranty of the device. (We) RaphsonBD and its authors will not responsible for bricked devices, dead SDcard or any damage in your device which is incurred in the process of flashing Custom Recovery/custom ROM/Rooting or any development process the device. We highly advice to take a backup of your device prior to performing the process. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM, before flashing it! You are choosing to make these modifications. Nevertheless if you need any help, just comments already. We will always pleased to help you.



You must need a Unlocked Bootloader device, a Rooted android device and installed Custom recovery to use a Custom ROM 


ROM Download

HTC Desire EYE Kitkat Custom ROM – Sk(EYE)Dragon Download for Free


How to install Custom ROM in HTC Desire EYE

  1. At first Download the ROM and copy the Skydragon  file in SD-card.
  2. It’s wise to backup your Current ROM, no matter how confident or experienced you are. So anything happen unpleasant you can retrieve back your old ROM
  3. If you don’t know how to backup ROM using Custom Recovery then Click Here
  4. Then Go to phone’s custom recovery mode. Almost Every phone by pressing Power button + Volume up/down button + Home button all together you can access your phone recovery options. If you don’t know how to go your specific device’s recovery option, just search on google. Here an example: “recovery mode HTC Desire Eye”
  5. After successfully entering the Custom Recovery Option (CWM/TWRP) first & foremost take a backup up of your current ROM. Select “Backup” 》Select storage 》 backup process may take 5/7 minutes.
  6. Than Wipe DataWipe Cache Partition, Wipe Dalvic Cache (You shall find it in Advanced option).
    After formatting Cache go to Mount and StorageFormat Data, Format System.
  7. Than come back to main menu of CWM/TWRP whichever Custom recovery you’re using.
  8. Just Click install the rom BeatMod Sense  from SDCARD.
  9. Voila and enjoy the taste of HTC Desire EYE Kitkat Custom ROM – Sk(EYE)Dragon



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