Eufy is well-known for its high-performance vacuum cleaners. Since its release, it has become a popular product among consumers.

There is a wide variety of robot cleaners on the market, and they are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s a robot mop, a vacuum, or a vac that can self-empty its trash can, these household helpers can save you a lot of time and effort because, let’s face it, who enjoys cleaning?

The robovac‘s main selling point is unquestionably its dual function capabilities – it can both vacuum and mop your floors. Other brands’ models with the same functionality are significantly more expensive, but this one is reasonably priced. We thought it was about time we put it to the test with a noise level of 55dB, Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and intelligent navigation. We were especially curious to see how easy switching from vacuuming to mopping was and if the robot provided a thorough clean on both settings. Likewise, we also looked at the robot’s design, ease of setup and use through the EufyHome app, and suction power.
It was tested in a house and a flat, allowing it to navigate obstacles and work on various floor surfaces. So, how did the Eufy robovac G10 hybrid perform? Let us tell you what we think.

Design & Build:

The G10 Hybrid has a sleek design. Its glossy, black tempered glass finish prevents scratches, which is especially beneficial if you have pets. While the G10 isn’t exceptionally light at 2.5 kg, it does have a low 7.2 cm profile that allows it to fit under couches, beds, and other difficult-to-clean areas.

However, the low height limits the size of the dust container (to 0.5L), which slots into the G10’s base. After every two to three uses, I emptied the tank. Unfortunately, the EufyHome app (more on that below) that runs the G10 does not provide a status update on tank fullness, so you’ll have to check this manually. Mind you; this is the norm.
A separate water tank attachment fits under the dust tank for mopping. The mopping tank comes with a detachable towel that Velcros into place (this is what wipes the floors). You can easily toss it in the washing machine whenever you need to.
However, Eufy strongly advises against using the mopping feature unsupervised, which may disappoint those who wish to mop while away during the day. I didn’t question the advice, so I can’t speak for the consequences (who knows what you’d find when you got home – a spill? A gremlin, perhaps?).

Cleaning performance:

The G10 has both standard and maximum suction power options. If you want a thorough clean, I will go with Max.
The G10’s strength is its floor – and this is critical – it’s only intended for hard floors, though Eufy doesn’t explain why. Its website claims that “we have engineered this RoboVac to specialize in cleaning hard floors only” for no apparent reason. Okay. The G10 quickly picks up dust and debris. The two spinning brushes in the front pickup particles propel them toward the suction point. I left the G10 loose in our kitchen, and it quickly vacuumed up most of the loose crumbs and bits.

It’s easy to fall in love with the G10 (we call it Eufy in my flat, short for Euphendron, of course). It whirls around with the zeal of a small child, collides with walls, becomes entangled in cables, and then requires assistance to untangle itself. The G10 does come with cable ties, but you’ll probably push the wires out of the way when using the device if you’re anything like me. Not everyone has the time to tie and untie cords around the house daily, but it’s probably beneficial if you can.

When it comes to mopping, it will remove light stains and small wet spills, but it will take some time for the G10 to rove and eventually reach the mess. There are manual controls available through the app, but they are a bit fiddly to use. Given that the device is round (as are most), the G10 struggles in corners. Again, this makes the G10 better suited for day-to-day, light cleaning.
Yes, the G10 is only for hard floors, but most homes, including the one I’m in, will have rugs or carpets. Because the G10 isn’t clever enough to recognize and avoid rugs, it will vacuum over them. You will not get a satisfactory result.

Usability and power:

Eufy claims that this is intended for hard floors only, but we decided to put it through its paces on various surfaces, including wood floors, linoleum, tiles, low pile, and medium-pile carpet. Even with two suction settings – standard and max – we discovered that the robot could work well on a soft pile carpet. Scattering crumbs across the carpet proved to be a practical test, as the vacuum cleaned it up in two passes across the floor. Unsurprisingly, the medium-pile carpet proved more complex, and the robot could not remove all the dust and dirt.
Testing the robot on a hardwood floor was where it shone; a before and after inspection of the floor revealed that the surfaces were utterly dirt-free. The intelligent navigation functioned adequately, allowing the robot to know where it was at all times (and it also helped prevent it from barging into furniture).

Another advantage of the navigation was that it could find its way back to the docking base when the battery was running low, and it could then resume cleaning once fully charged. Even though it was inconvenient, the charging time was longer when compared to the running time.

You can also control the robot using the app, which allows you to change the cleaning intensity, select spot cleaning, create a cleaning schedule, and locate the vacuum on ordinary suction for 80 minutes and maximum suction for 40 minutes. We discovered that the maximum suction was far more effective (though louder) at cleaning, and 40 minutes was more than enough time to vacuum a two-bedroom flat.

Eufy recommends not using the mopping function without supervision. It wasn’t a big deal because it’s hushed while mopping, so you can watch TV or talk to friends in the same room while it cleans. We discovered that because it does not apply any pressure to the floor, the mopping could only provide a light clean – more of a wipe. We wouldn’t recommend getting rid of your mop just yet because you’ll need it to deal with any tough stains. Because the robot cannot distinguish between different floor surfaces, you must watch it to prevent it from attempting to mop the carpet!

Connectivity & Battery Life:

To use the G10, you must first download and install the EufyHome app. It was simple to add the device and other family members to the household. However, while cleaning, the vacuum went offline on the app despite being charged and turned on. I had to turn the device off, and each time this happened again.
The G10 has an excellent battery life, as evidenced by the app. It’s never stopped in the middle of a clean.
The EufyHome app allows you to control the cleaning intensity, enable spot cleaning, schedule cleaning, and find the device if it has crawled under a couch or bed. It also indicates the condition of various components, such as the brushes and battery, allowing you to replace or charge them as needed.

The app allows the G10 to communicate with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. While I don’t own a smart speaker, I tried pairing the G10 to Google Home on my phone using EufyHome and was only pinged back and forth between the two apps. I’m still unable to use voice control to activate the G10.
However, the majority of people don’t need this intelligent feature. It only takes a few seconds to launch the G10 from your phone.


The Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid is a budget-friendly mid-range robot vacuum that can suction and mop concurrently. Because it is a mid-range robot vacuum, it contains several intelligent features found in high-end robot vacuums, but may not perform as well.

Its suction capacity of up to 2000 Pa allows it to suck dirt between tiles and other small particles, making it ideal for bare floors. It also works at 55 decibels, which is quieter than a microwave. It features two cleaning modes, Standard and Max, with the same noise level. Using the Max mode may provide a more complete and deep cleaning while reducing noise.

Eufy specifies that the G10 Hybrid is only for hard floors. Those with carpets or rugs cannot get the same outstanding performance. Notably, its mopping function cannot readily remove floor stains. It doesn’t mop like a standard mop and doesn’t press on the floor. Eufy also warns against using the G10 Hybrid mop unattended.
The G10 Hybrid mop features gyro Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 for zigzag cleaning. Robot vacuums benefit from this since it ensures an even cleaning surface. It may get stuck and take a long time to find its docking port. Despite this drawback, the G10 Hybrid is still superior to a robot vacuum that randomly bumps from furniture to furniture.
It features a simple app that allows you to control the robot vacuum. It lets you choose a cleaning mode, enable spot cleaning, schedule cleaning, locate the void, and maintain it manually.

In Standard mode, the robot vacuum can clean for 100 minutes and 45 minutes in Max mode. However, if you have a large house and the robot vacuum runs out of battery halfway through cleaning, you will have to recharge it and wait 5-6 hours to be fully charged again. The battery life makes it ideal for apartments or tiny homes.
Overall, the Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid cleans well without any effort from the user. It is also ideal for daily cleaning and polishing hard floors.

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