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Battery Draining Apps – Explanation, Solution and Treatment

Battery Draining Apps Explanation, Solution and Treatment

Information-technology experts say, is something that a lot of time on the mobile phone app installed on your phone, which is responsible for the loss of battery charge.


Battery Draining Apps Explanation & Treatment

Battery Draining Apps Reason & Solution
Battery Draining: Reason & Solution

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for example

1. Battery saver app

It is very strange to hear, but the truth is, that in order to save battery, battery saver apps you install on your phone, your phone is constantly scanning to see if they contain any unnecessary apps that- whether your phone’s battery consumption. But to do a lot of singing this kind of charge app itself is destroyed. Check out the Ultimate batter saver Greenify, extend battery life even further with Amplify


2. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps to run in the background at all times remain. Have to send notification. Moreover, Facebook Messenger App is constantly sending notification messages. As a result, the battery loss.


3. Anti-virus

Is to run anti-virus scan on your phone continuously. As a result, the cost of your phone’s battery is.


4. Photo Editing App

If taking pictures with the help of photo editing ayaperao. But plenty of processing power required to run these applications. As a result, decreases rapidly charge your phone.


5. Internet Browsing App

Many people spoke on the phone to install multiple Internet browsers. Some of these news updates to the browser app, cricket scores, social media is to serve notifications. As a result, the browser is running in the background. As a result, loss of phone charges.


6. Gaming App

Dispose of any gaming obviously plenty of charge. Because the game is a kind of running apps for mobile video and audio are both active. As a result, charge more than costs. Use the external GPS receiver – If you follow the above without the GPS signal, and there is no improvement in the use of GPS is very much needed, but you can also use an external GPS receiver. You can buy this device for about $ 100 within the Amazon.



If you are using a Rooted Android smartphone, Amplify – Battery Life Extender and Greenify – The Ultimate hibernaterther is best suggestions I can Give. You can also try to underclocking your CPU to extend battery life.


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