How to Back Up and Restore Stock Rom Using Custom Recovery TWRP

How to Back Up and Restore Stock Rom Using Custom Recovery TWRP 

Android phone or Tablet has A Good sides which allow user to customize user interface. When you’re Rooting, Flashing Custom ROM’s, Customizing your phone’s System-UI and otherwise playing with Android’s system, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. That way, if anything goes wrong, you can restore your phone to its Pre-broken Stage. However, if you are not so sure what you are doing while you install another ROM or if you change from one to another every other day, knowing that you can get recover your whole system to a certain point in time is very convenient. Before you start, you should know how to back up and restore your phone with the TWRP recovery environment. Basically, this so-called Nandroid backup can save you a lot of trouble in case you soft-brick your device. In just a few clicks, your whole system is restored and your device is fully functioning again, as if nothing ever happened. In this short guide, I will give you the simple steps so that you can make a backup yourself to be on the safe side. I’ll also show you how you can transfer your backup to your computer so that you don’t need to keep it on your device to save space.


How to Back Up and Restore Stock Rom Using Custom Recovery TWRP

How to Back up and Restore Stock Rom Using Custom Recovery TWRP
Nandroid Back up and Restore


How to Take Nandroid Back Up

  • In order to be able to make a Nandroid backup, your Android device has to be rooted and needs to have a custom recovery tool. If You first need to boot your device into the Boot-loader, in order to go in Recovery mode. Basically in most of the device,You can go to recovery mode just by pressing down the volume-down along with power button.  Once you managed to go on recovery, TWRP home screen  is like just the picture bellow. now Click on the ‘Backup’

TWRP Back Up

  • Once you go inside the boot-recovery it is just a piece of cake,Because TWRP as recovery is touch supported,no need to press hard volume up down button.simple touch on ‘back up’ & just like bellow Screenshot,  You can see some option, If you want to name your backup,, you can simply add name on clicking over name. You have be given Multiple choose box to fill. You only need to check in on BOOT,SYSTEM & DATA. You should not check in Cache, because it will automatically generate by system in no time.

Back up Item TWRP

  • Then swipe the bar along the bottom to back up.

NOTE: Backups are fairly large, so if you get an error about there not being enough space, you may have to delete some things on your internal storage or SD card before continuing.

  • The backup will take a few minutes to complete, so be patient. When it’s finished, you can tap “Back” to go back to TWRP’s main menu, or “Reboot System” to reboot back into Android. If TWRP asks if you want to root your phone, choose “Do Not Install”. It’s best to flash the latest version of SuperSU yourself rather than having TWRP do it for you.



How to Restore Nandroid Back Up

  • If you ever need to restore from a previous backup, it’s simple. Boot back into TWRP, and tap the “Restore” button on the home screen.

Restore Nandroid Back Up


  • TWRP will show you a list of your previous backups. Tap the one you want and you’ll see the following screen. Make sure all the boxes are checked and swipe the bar to restore.


Restore files menu

  • The restore will take a few minutes, but when it’s finished, you can reboot your phone back into Android.

Nandroid Back up restore processing


  • Once again, if it asks you to root, be sure to tap “Do Not Install”.


Do not install TWRP app


  • When you return to Android, You should find that everything is exactly how you left it when you made that backup. Making nandroid backups is a simple process, but it’s crucial if you plan on doing any system tweaking. Always, always, always make a nandroid backup before you do anything. If anything goes wrong, you can always restore without skipping a beat.




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How to Back Up and Restore Stock Rom Using Custom Recovery TWRP