How to Use Ads blocker & YouTube Ads Blocker (Xposed)

Ads blocker Xposed: Ads are annoying…!!! Who does not want to get rid off add while using apps? If you are using low configured Android, phone with small screen then you probably doomed by ads. Only if you have a rooted device you can do something for ad. Rooting unlocks many gates, Check Out more Why Root Android?  Or if your device is not rooted go One click to root almost any device. Today I’m going share how to use the ad blocker. But please consider some apps developer spent sleepless night to wright codes for an app…some of them run their family showing ads on their apps


How to Use Ads blocker & YouTube Ads Blocker (Xposed)


Ads blocker Xposed
Ads blocker Xposed



What we need to proceed?

  • A rooted phone
  • Xposed installed device
  • If You do not have xposed framework installed, You can see Xposed installation process here:
    Xposed for Android


Ads Blocker Xp0sed

First go to apps drawer and launch the Xposed Installer.

  • Then Xposed > download find Adblocker apps or you can simply download from
  • HereInstall the apps
  • Do not open. Then again go to Xposed Installer > Module. Check the add block just like screenshot below.
  • Reboot is mandatory to after changing module preferences.

Youtube Ads Blocker

Youtube ads are also annoying. Don’t worry . we are here. Yes, you heard me. You can even block youtube ads.

Let the process began.
Just like ads blocker above you need same thing

Go to Xposed  > download  find the YouTube Ad away. If you are lazy as hell you are not willing to search this apps from long list, Then go here download  & install.
Then active the Xposed module
Reboot is mandatory to after changing module preferences

Voila. After rebooting you won’t see ads anymore.



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