Xposed Installer For Samsung Marshmallow (6.0 ~ 6.1)

Xposed Installer For Samsung Marshmallow

Looking for Xposed Framework Installer for Samsung Marshmallow? Like Samsung lollipop there are no official Xposed framework sdk built for Samsung Marshmallow powered Android device.


Xposed Installer For Samsung Marshmallow

Xposed Installer For Samsung Marshmallow

So here is the custom built Xposed for Marshmallow for Samsung device.. Download now Xposed Framework installer for Samsung Marshmallow (6.0 ~ 6.1) powered Android device. Or TouchWiz Based ROM: Motion ROM.

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First of all Download Xposed Installer Alpha.

  • Download Xposed installer alpha.apk – Download


Xposed Installer For Samsung Marshmallow (6.0 ~ 6.1) [64-bit]

Then Download SDK23 – ARM64 for latest Samsung Marshmallow powered Android like Samsung Galaxy S7, S7, Edge, S6,s7 edge, Note 6, J7 etc.


⇒ xposed-v86.0-sdk23-arm64.zip (For 64-bit based Samsung Marshmallow device)

Xposed Un-Installer: (SDK23 – ARM64)


 Xposed-uninstaller-Marshmallow (SDK23 – ARM64).zip (For 64-bit based Samsung Marshmallow device)
Download SDK23 – ARM for older Samsung Android like Samsung note 3, Galaxy Grand 2, in a word older 32bit process based device. Where You are using custom ROM like Motion ROM. Cause officially Samsung don’t roll out marshmallow update for older devices.


Xposed Installer for Samsung Marshmallow (6.0 ~ 6.1) [32-bit]

If you wish to install Xposed installer for Samsung Marshmallow. Then Download the Bellow file.


 ⇒  xposed-v86.0-sdk23-arm.zip (For 32-bit based Samsung Marshmallow device)

Use this SDKzip to un-install arm 32-bit processor based device which have Xposed for Marshmallow installed.


⇒ xposed-v86.0-alt-sdk23-arm.zip (For 32-bit based Samsung Marshmallow device)

Above sdk23 ARM zip may not work on Note – 4 or further release old Samsung device(32-bit)
Download ARM-Alternative if you end up soft bricking or boot-looping your device.


Xposed Un-Installer: (SDK23 – ARM)

 Xposed-uninstaller-Marshmallow (SDK23 – ARM-32-bit).zip (For 32-bit based Samsung Marshmallow device)


How To Install Xposed Installer for Samsung Marshmallow

  • First of Install Xposed Installer Alpha.apk
  • Reboot into recovery mode (CWM,TWRP)
  • Flash the SDK.zip according to your device model and requirements.
  • Wipe The Cache Partition
  • Reboot



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