Guest Posting – Write With Us

Guest Posting – Write With Us

As you, all know that RaphsonBD is a platform for newbie bloggers. It’s a place where all smart people can publish your own articles on any topic you want like gadgets news, Android news,  Android development, Android Custom ROM, Androi Custom recovery, tips and tricks about android, Android apps and Games.


Guest Posting – Write With Us

Guest Posting - Write With Us - Make Money
Guest Posting – Write With Us


So, if you think you can write and if you want your own traffic, your readers, then you are at the right place. RaphsonBD  is providing you with that platform.


Terms of Service

  1. Do not copy even a single line from anywhere. Keep it original. Copied post will be not allowed on this blog. You can take idea from another blog, But You need to write in your own word. 🙂
  2. Copy write materials along with any hacking, Cracking illegal post are strictly forbidden. But You can still post about Android Rooting, Jail breaking etc phone development hacking stuff!.
  3. You should have more than 300+ words.
  4. You can use videos, images, GIFs, Animations etc. in your post. You must use at least one images in your post.
  5. Your post must be in only English language.
  6. You can Promote you site url in end of the post, Which will allow to create Blaclink and improve SEO on your site. Nothing else. It also will help you to gain some extra traffic for your blog
  7.  You SHOULD NOT post your article anywhere else on the internet once it already has been posted on RaphsonBD.


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