Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Custom ROM – AdityaROM 5.1.1

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Arafat Ikram Shanto
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On January 9, 2017
Last modified:January 17, 2017


TouchWiz 5.1.1
Bring All new features of N5,S7 Marshmallow
The Most Awaited ROM

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Custom ROM – AdityaROM 5.1.1 (SM-G7102 & SM-G7105 Grand LTE)

A brilliant Indian developer named Aditya Upreti porterd most genuine looking highly customized TouchWiz ROM that have features adopted from Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/N5 which is ported for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Custom ROM – AdityaROM 5.1.1

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Custom ROM - AdityaROM 5.1.1-RaphsonBD
Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Custom ROM – AdityaROM


ROM Description

ROM Name: AdityaROM

ROM version: 2.1

ROM OS: Lollipop

OS Version: 5.1.1

ROM Size: 920.5MB

ROM Base: TouchWiz

ROM Kenel: 3.4..x.x

ROM Status: Testing

ROM Developer: Aditya Upreti


ROM Features

  • 100% Lollipop Experence
  • Pre-Rooted
  • All MM CLosing and opening apps animation
  • Accuweather from 5.1.1 themed like Marshmallow
  • Accuweather clock without shadows
  • Air Command Settings Marshmallow Mod
  • Based on motion v17
  • Blur People Edge and Apps Added  (Marshmallow Mod for Settings Icon)
  • Fixed Custom Wallpaper + None Screen Lockscreen Effect
  • Live Clock Added for Marshmallow Launchers
  • Lockscreen Clock without shadows
  • Marshmallow SBrowser – 4.0
  • Music themed like Marshmallow v2
  • Messaging App Themed like MM v2
  • Marshmallow Themed with Fully Air Command Feature
  • New Updated Marsmhallow Shorcuts to Lockscreen Added
  • N5 MM Gallery Full working
  • New TouchWiz without Shadows under icons and setting with lots of effects and animations
  • New MM Edge screen
  • New MM Dialer
  • New S6 Camera [New Icons from MM]
  • New MM Settings
  • Replaced All Icons with Newer Pack from the most recent Marshmallow (Fully Themed 6.0.1)
  • SPlanner Framework Preview
  • Theme Store from Marshmallow (+Theme Center)Not working
  • Much More Marsmhallow Stuff optimized for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 (SM-G7102)


Known Bug

  • Settings is a bit bugged u can download patch settings from the download section bellow.


ROM Screenshots

Youtube Reviews

ROM Download


Click Here To Download the ROM

ROM Size: 920MB

Setting Bug Patch

Flash this to Settings Bugs patch. this will not fix bugs related to settings for fixing settings bug see few post
Or use Motion ROM by Aapav Secsettings.apk in priv-app

Offline Charge Bug Fix

Flash this For some users face wifi problem after flashing offline charging fix

So flash This again

Rooting Files

Flash Rooting Files to Root this ROM


Rooting or flashing custom ROM’s results to the void of the warranty of the device. ( We) RaphsonBD and its authors will not responsible for bricked devices or any damage which is incurred in the process of flashing custom roms or rooting the device. We highly advice to take a backup of your device prior to performing the process.  , dead SD cards.
Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM, before flashing it! You are choosing to make these modifications. Nevertheless if you need any help, just comments already. We will always pleased to help you.


How to Install

  1. It’s wise to backup your custom ROM, no matter how confident or experienced you are. So anything happen unpleasant you can retrieve back your old ROM
  2. If you don’t know how to backup ROM Click Here
  3. Then Go to phone’s custom recovery mode. Almost Every phone by pressing power button + Volume up/down button + home button all together you can access your phone recovery options. If you don’t know how to go your specific device’s recovery option, just search on google. Here an example: “recovery mode SM-G7102”
  4. After successfully entering the Custom Recovery Option (CWM/TWRP) first & foremost take a backup up of your current ROM. Select “Backup” 》Select storage 》 backup process may take 5/7 minutes.
  5. Than Wipe Data》Wipe Cache Partition,Wipe dalvic cache (You shall find it in Advanced option).
    After formatting Cache go to Mount and Storage》Format Data, Format System.
  6. Than come back to main menu of CWM/TWRP whichever Custom recovery you’re using.
  7. If you are using Phillips Touch 》 just Go to Wipe Data & select install new custom ROM.
  8. After removing old ROM, rest of the works are just piece of cake. Just install the AdityaROM .zip from SDCARD.
  9. Voila and enjoy the test of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Custom ROM – AdityaROM 5.1.1 on your SM-G7102 & SM-G7105 Grand LTE


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