The Main Reason Behind Facebook ID Hacking and Solution

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The main Reason Behind Facebook ID Hacking: is getting randomly tag and using auto-like.

The Main Reason Behind Facebook ID Hacking and Solution

What are tags?

The tag line for your beautiful time of my pictures without your permission.
You can also turn it off to someone else without your permission, you can not add tags.
For to do is downwards.
→ First Setting and Privacy tab, click on the Timeline and Tagging.
The Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline? > On Click. Diameter of him. After that, you can not tag anyone without your permission. …… No 02 concerning: –

What is Facebook Auto – like/Auto Comments ?

Tell me what you like to do with the auto? Or will eat the head? Auto Like the answer will be a celebrity.
Do you think that Brother Celebrity? What do you mean you gave parameterization meaningless celebrity status, he felt like a few thousand auto, celebrities and people will say to You? People do not want to abuse. Celebrities who will say to You, they say, but this is really the whole of auto LIKE Mission.
Mission can be called something other than words.
However, when I say a little bit less than the words.
I go on Facebook auto-like work that way.

Auto Like the first access to the token is submitted. Auto like is another Reason Behind Facebook ID Hacking

This is like the auto task. Each database has an auto-stop like. The first time you access the token and submit them to the MySQL database can be saved to your token and token access to the database to be saved from the auto token to save your status means Like Like Like a lot of yayaatolaika like eksacenje.
If you would like Auto ID Auto like you (if you do not believe in the Activity Log View) Hold on a car like that 500 users.
MySQL Database access to the site and then save the number to 500 tokens.
Like more than 500 of those sites that you never get to do. However, there are many fake sites which likes to take the car if you do not like it I’ll save you the opposite token will be spamming. So do not go to all the sites like the auto. Auto Like any site to another, you never do not have to log in with Facebook username and password. Many of the phishing sites as Facebook username and password balebhuleo where you do not do it. And less than 5 days Auto Auto Like karabenabesi used occasionally likes to use Facebook gives warning. We have to understand how the car works like ?? ★ Now, take a look at how the car likes to take his offering to kharaparadikera.
In fact, before the good side of everything bad should be called. But the good thing about it, I found I did not khujei. However, there is a good side. And that is something you fucking call celibreti Facebook. And all the rest of the bad side. Hackers najarabesi direction or another group of people that are applying it.
Auto Like Facebook Auto Like the original site of the thousands of sites are really a few in the crowd. As you close your eyes and go to the Auto laike madness will begin. Therefore, many people are having the suyogatake hacking or something else. Are you crazy
Like any auto beautiful beauty salon drunk as he went on.
Log in with Facebook access token if you are ordered to receive.
And you did that.
Then he saw the way! This site is not !!!!! Another good site to go. That brings you to ruin itself. Brother heard, many ask me why the Facebook ID is unsustainable? How do I tell you brother survive? ID is just a result of the ban on Facebook.

Do you want to know the reason?

Facebook policy !!!!! Facebook’s policy to break the neck out of the will. Many people have the experience. Facebook’s main purposes is to be connected with the Friends and phemilira. We Bengalis banaichi new rules that make the 5000 a friend and then use Auto like Auto follower make a + million. Well, why not tell our ID banned ?? Another had forgotten to talk to you, like on the auto token that gives access to Facebook’s password is not kareasena come with a lot of story to be broken Reason Behind Facebook ID Hacking.
You came to the hacker password.
Thank you all, hard to read. Stay well, stay healthy

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